Allerio Showcases its Mobile Connectivity Solution at EMS World Expo 2019

November 26, 2019

Allerio’s debut at EMS World Expo in New Orleans in October 2019 was an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and share the solution with EMT’s and paramedics from across the country. It was exciting to see the Allerio Mobile Hub in action at the convention and demonstrate the “mobile hotspot on steroids,” purpose-built for pre-hospital care to reliably transmit rich patient data and video from the field. Allerio was welcomed and embraced by the EMS community, and the Allerio team had the opportunity to converse with EMS providers, who validated the evident gap in the market and expressed support for this new solution to close that gap.


Thanks to ZOLL and Pulsara and their willingness to work closely with Allerio to have presence in their booths, both of which have 911 response and support telemedicine technology that has changed the EMS landscape. ZOLL connected their X Series Monitor and defibrillator to the Allerio Mobile Hub and passed real-time 12 lead EKG’s during the entire show to showcase Allerio’s reliable wireless connectivity. By simply pushing the power button, the easy-to-use Allerio hub came to life and connected to all Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled devices, including patient monitors, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


The Allerio team worked with the ZOLL regional representatives to conduct dozens of demonstrations to Expo attendees, showcasing the enhanced user experience of the ability to connect over multiple 4G LTE networks. Together, we captured a 12-lead ECG on the X Series, transmitted the 12-lead over the Allerio Mobile Hub, and displayed that 12-lead on a tablet running ZOLL’s RescueNet solution.


“The enthusiasm of the ZOLL team and their customers was exciting”, said Allerio Director of Business Development, Drew Delaney. “Not only were we able to talk to paramedics about the wireless 12-lead capability but also about how it could replace their IVR’s. We heard from EMS about challenge with transmitting 12-leads outside of the ambulance in an apartment building or the field without access to Wi-Fi from a vehicle router. We also heard EMS agencies who used single carrier hot spots that could not provide reliable connectivity throughout their jurisdiction.”


After seeing a demonstration of Allerio, a member from a local public safety agency was eager to start a trial immediately. A few days before the conference started, there was a construction collapse at a new hotel. The search and rescue team working at the incident was experiencing limited network connectivity in the field because they couldn’t get their vehicle close enough to the scene to be able to use the Wi-Fi from their mounted, in-vehicle routers. The Allerio Mobile Hub was deployed and provided reliable connectivity directly at the site of the building collapse. In just a week, responders on the scene transmitted more than 1 gigabyte (GB) of data in an area where they would have otherwise been in the “dark” for network connections.


The Allerio Mobile Hub was also showcased at an EMS World booth Pulsara, where we provided Wi-Fi connectivity to multiple tablets and smartphones (up to 10) running the Pulsara hospital and EMS workflow app. There, we engaged with attendees to discuss why connectivity is a key component in sending rich patient data (vitals, demographics, images, two-way video, etc.) with Pulsara technology from the field directly at the point of care, be it the home, office building, or ambulance. One key use for Pulsara is the use of the Allerio Mobile Hub to provide a reliable video connection for two-way paramedic/physician telemedicine consultations.


The enthusiasm from EMS World Expo 2019 continues to build momentum for us at Allerio, and we are excited to be able to provide the most reliable connectivity platform on the market to EMS.  “I’m excited to launch Allerio at EMS World as we have built the Allerio platform to meet the needs of EMS providers today to ensure they have the best connectivity,” said TJ Kennedy.

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