Allerio Showcases its Mobile Connectivity Solution at EMS World Expo 2019

November 26, 2019

Allerio’s debut at EMS World Expo in New Orleans in October 2019 was an opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and share the solution with EMT’s and paramedics from across the country. It was exciting to see the Allerio Mobile Hub in action at the convention and demonstrate the “mobile hotspot on steroids,” purpose-built for pre-hospital care to reliably transmit rich patient data and video from the field.

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How Data is Changing the EMS Landscape for the Better


FEBRUARY 19, 2020

I was blessed to have discovered EMS in the early 1970’s, still in its largely “EMS 1.0” developmental stage as a horizontal taxicab service.  I was a devoted soldier in its “EMS 2.0” evolution as a continually improving 911 response system, and in its recent “EMS 3.0” launch as a robust team player in improving appropriate access to health care and overcoming unmet health care needs in our communities*.

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