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Allerio provides critical cellular access to connect the tools and devices EMS professionals need out in the field to transmit patient data. With a reliable and secure connection at the touch of a button, this means being able to notify the hospital of an incoming patient before they arrive so medical teams can prepare. EMS personnel can also use the Allerio Mobile Hub for video telemedicine to help diagnose and treat a patient at the point of care, without the range limitations of in-vehicle routers.

The Allerio Mobile Hub is supporting improvements in preventive and community care, prehospital emergency and non-emergency transport, and hospital and post-hospital patient follow-up and care activities.

Find out more about how we are supporting EMS in the following use cases.

Ambulance / 911 Crew

Ambulance / 911 Crew

As a member of a 911 crew, the focus is on answering the incoming call and assessing patient needs to provide the best possible care. Remote access via the Allerio Mobile Hub to obtain cellular service that is not going to drop is critical, whether it’s to:

  • Send 12 leads and other patient data directly to a hospital
  • Connect with a physician by video to remotely examine and evaluate a patient
  • Submit accurate and timely incident and patient care reports.

Community Paramedicine

Community Paramedicine

Successful community paramedicine programs reduce repeated calls to 911 for non-urgent needs that strain EMS and emergency department resources with unnecessary transports. Paramedics, nurses and other healthcare professionals who conduct in-home wellness checks to aid patients managing chronic diseases have seen decreases of up to 50% in emergency room admissions among high-risk populations.

Using a reliable and portable Allerio Mobile Hub that provides robust in building coverage for telemedicine:

  • Reduces the number of emergency room visits
  • Leads to a significant reduction in the overall cost of healthcare
  • Preserves and optimizes healthcare resources

ET3 Model

ET3 Model

Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport (ET3) is a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) pilot payment model that provides flexibility to EMS ambulance crews, encouraging treatment on scene using telehealth and an audio/video extension of EMS online medical consultation, or a new arrangement  with a qualified healthcare practitioner. It also enables transport to an alternative destination such as a clinic or urgent care center, a decision which may be enhanced by online medical consultation.

The Allerio Mobile Hub enables these two critical tenets of the ET3 program with:

  • Multiple LTE networks for reliable connections.
  • Portable connectivity outside of the vehicle, without in-vehicle router range restrictions.
  • HIPAA compliant two way video, voice and data transmissions to a physician or other healthcare practitioner

We have to use an interactive audio and video telecommunications system that permits 2-way real-time communication. We could not power this system without a connected device like the hub that allows us to take it with us directly to the patient.

Learn more about how Allerio supports first responders inthe following emergency situations:

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